Daylight Sensor 1-10V IP20



MS01 daylight harvesting sensor (photocell), could adjust the light output according to nature light, so that make the total light keep at certain level.
  • Provides an energy saving without sacrificing visual comfort.
  • With ambient light dependent control.
  • Directly connected to 1-10V interface.
  • Simple setting of the target light level by mean of potentiometer.
  • MS01 supplies a simple and effective solution for daylight harvesting. Connecting to 1-10V interface and using photocell to measure ambient lux level and automatically calculate how much artificial light is need, and then convert the amount of light to 1-10V dimmable control gears (ballasts or LED drivers).1-10V dimmable control gears adjust the lighting output according to the signal from the daylight sensor.
  • Dim down/up luminaires according to ambient brightness level.

MS01-Mechanical Specification

MS01-Daylight Harvesting Function

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