SxxXPL - Luxtella Street Light Head, 14-151W



Luxtella streetlights are cutting edge tunable LED luminaires, perfectly suited to most road lighting applications.

The design incorporates high lumen output Cree XPL chips driven by Xitanium Dali drivers all contained within a robust IP66 housing.

Standard models come with a Nema 7 multi-channel photo control receptacle that provides optional dimming functions, including photocell or wireless sensor.

This European manufactured luminaire delivers exceptional performance that will, at the same time, substantially reduce operational costs in both energy use and in maintenance.

Different beam angle options and a tunable drive current allow us to custom design light output to best suit road category or application.



Fixture/Part No. S12XPL-42/14DC S12XPL-42/14 S36XPL-115/35 S72XPL-151/106
LED Power 14-42W 14-42W 35-115W 106-151W
Total Power 18-48W 18-48W 44-131W 133-168W
Lumen Output (lm) 1750-42889 1750-4289 4800-13,950 15,350-20,650
Weight (kg) 4 4 7 7
LED Efficacy 101 lm/W
Optics G (Type III), L (Type IV), C (Type II/III)
Input Voltage 12-24V DC 220-240V 120-277V
Maximum Current 4A @ 12V DC 0.2A* 0.57A* 0.73A*
Maximum Inrush Current N/A <9.6A <14A
Colour Temperature 4000K
CRI >70
Working Environment -40°C up to 55°C -40°C up to 40°C
IP Rating IP66
IK Rating IK10 (Aluminium Housing)
Wind Velocity 0.032m² 0.043m²
LED Brand Cree XPL
Driver Xitanium LED driver
Dimming Receptacle Timer, DALI or 1-10V
Heatsink Anodised Aluminium
Spigot Ø60mm (Ø35 - Ø42 with adaptor)
Optic Lens 100% UV resistant Polycarbonate lenses for high impact resistance
Coating Anodised Aluminium and Powder-coated Aluminium
Lifespan Up to 100,000 hours
Colour Silver

*At 230V AC 

CAT No. LED Power Range (W) Dimming Option Daylight / CMS Socket
S12XPL-42/14-CDN7 14-42 Dali Drive NEMA 7
S12XPL-42/14-CRN0 14-42 Non Dimmable -
S12XPL-42/14-CXN7 14-42 Dimmable NEMA 7
S12XPL-42/14-GDN7 14-42 Dali Drive NEMA 7
S12XPL-42/14-GRN0 14-42 Non Dimmable -
S12XPL-42/14-GXN7 14-42 Dimmable NEMA 7
S36XPL-115/35-CDN7 35-115 Dali Drive NEMA 7
S36XPL-115/35-CRN0 35-115 Non Dimmable -
S36XPL-115/35-CXN7 35-115 Dimmable NEMA 7
S36XPL-115/35-GDN7 35-115 Dali Drive NEMA 7
S36XPL-115/35-GRN0 35-115 Non Dimmable -
S36XPL-115/35-GXN7 35-115 Dimmable NEMA 7
S72XPL-151/106-CDN7 106-151 Dali Drive NEMA 7
S72XPL-151/106-CRN0 106-151 Non Dimmable -
S72XPL-151/106-CXN7 106-151 Dimmable NEMA 7
S72XPL-151/106-GDN7 106-151 Dali Drive NEMA 7
S72XPL-151/106-GRN0 106-151 Non Dimmable -
S72XPL-151/106-GXN7 106-151 Dimmable NEMA 7

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Luxtella LED streetlight heads
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Luxtella LED streetlight heads
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