PASSWAY | High Performance Bollard, 5W, 11W & 21W



The Thorlux Passway is a very high performance lighting bollard with a contemporary appearance. A choice of pathway or area light distributions are selectable on site and the innovative protection system allows the bollard to pivot up to 10° from vertical in the event of a slight knock from parking vehicles. The robust construction and excellent performance ensure the Thorlux Passway is suitable for a wide variety of applications.

  • Pathways
  • Open spaces
  • Car parks
  • Stairs
  • Perimeter building illumination
  • Extruded aluminium body with die-cast aluminium head unit
  • Graphite full polyester powder finish
  • Superb photometric performance for wide spacings and excellent uniformity
  • Less than 2% upward light
  • On-board selector switch provides on-site adjustment between area and pathway distributions
  • Surface or root mounting options
  • Large access door makes installation simple (Requires a T40 Torx pin security bit)
  • Integral emergency and SmartScan wireless emergency options
  • SmartScan Radar versions with sensor discretely hidden - see page 1
  • Extremely long life, up to 100,000 hours
  • Fitted with 3000K or 4000K LEDs
  • Warmer colour temperatures available to special order
  • IP66, IK10
Passway mount

Passway install
ROOT MOUNTING 900 Area - 11W / Pathway 5W PW20428 PW20420 R/L 9.2
Area - 21W / Pathway 11W PW20429 PW20421 R/L 9.2
1100 Area - 11W / Pathway 5W PW20430 PW20422 R/L 10.2
Area - 21W / Pathway 11W PW20431 PW20423 R/L 10.2
SURFACE MOUNTING 900 Area - 11W / Pathway 5W PW20432 PW20424 R/L 8.0
Area - 21W / Pathway 11W PW20433 PW20425 R/L 8.0
1100 Area - 11W / Pathway 5W PW20434 PW20426 R/L 9.0
Area - 21W / Pathway 11W PW20435 PW20427 R/L 9.0

CIRCUIT TYPE - suffix catalogue number with:
R - SmartScan Radar / L - non-dimming (LED)
e.g. PW 20428R etc.
SmartScan Radar add 0.5kg to weights listed.

EPW - Emergency (Not available when selecting the ‘R’ suffix)
TPW - AutoTest (Not available when selecting the ‘R’ suffix)
WPW - SmartScan
e.g. WPW 20428R etc.
Add 0.3kg to weights listed.

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High Performance Bollard, 11W & 21W Area, 5W & 11W Pathway
Edition: 001

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