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The ECOLight range of LED lights include a number that feature onboard sensors.  Traditionally sensor integration has been via a centralised Dali or PLC control system. This still has valid applications in certain environments, ie. office, retail and public space utilising daylight harvesting. However this is often overly complicated, expensive and incompatible for a lot of building operations where occupancy is low and where also people & equipment traffic is constantly on the move, ie. Warehouse, industrial and yard areas.

For these areas the perfect solution is for sensor onboard LED lighting. This ensures that lighting tracks all movement within a large controlled area where there is also likely natural ambient lighting that will be contributing to lighting within the building during daylight operations.

When comparing traditional metal halide high bays vs LED high bays the savings in both power and maintenance will be around 60%.

This is going halfway...

To truly achieve maximum operational savings in your lighting then integration of sensors with LED lighting should always be considered and factored in where possible.

Through metered comparison we have real world evidence that a further 20-25% savings of power and maintenance costs can be made by integrating LED lighting with sensors.

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