K45 Portable LED Light Stand - Motorised


Portable Lights

Ritelite Beam Control for the K45-360
Control both the direction and intensity of light from the K45 mobile lighting tower with Ritelite’s industry leading triple light head design and light management system. All light produced by the K45 is directed towards the required work surface with zero light pollution to surrounding areas.
  • Highly efficient LED light heads and driver system delivers a powerful 85,000 lumens at only 820W power consumption
  • Built-in level gauge guides user during setup to ensure correct deployment
  • 4.5m height from small ground footprint for excellent illumination of large areas
  • Individual, fully adjustable light heads for 360º light pattern
  • Stability Safety System offers automatic descent of mast if unit becomes de-stabilised or has a power outage
  • Built-in light level control enables light levels to be adjusted according to requirements
  • Compact with stowed and easy to transport due to it's light weight design.
  • Operator level RCBO electrical safety isolation switch for instant power off should an electrical problem occur
  • Individual, fully adjustable light heads for full adjustment
  • Fast, simple and safe deployment system for single person operation, setup in 2 minutes
  • Mains and generator powered
  • Safety deployment system means stability of all four legs must be achieved before mast can be raised
  • Maximum usable light in any application from industry leading triple light head design
  • Weight: 90kg as complete unit
  • Dimensions: 0.4m x 0.4m x 1.5m when stowed / 1.03m x 1.03m x 4.5m when deployed

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K45 Portable LED Light
Up to 85,000lm Light Output Portable light stand
Edition: 001

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